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"Dear Carole,

Your words really touch me and I read them over and over. Each time I read them, I am affected in a different way, as if they are touching a different part of me. It's a very strange feeling. I am reading my bible and praying too. But I praise the Lord for you and for the words that help me understand things more clearly. I even pass them on to my family who also enjoy reading this material. I've been drawn so close to you Carole, even though we have never met ~ it's as if you have known us all our lives. God bless you!"

Diane (Ivory Coast, Africa)

"Dear Carole, A few weeks ago you were on a plane from Minneapolis to Dallas and just 'happened' to sit next to my sister-in-law. As you may remember, she is suffering from Melanoma Cancer. I have been praying for Mary for many years, that God would send someone along her path that she would respect and listen to about God, that she might get saved before she dies. I know you are the answer to that prayer! When I picked her up at the airport, she told me about you and the impression you had made on her. She was very touched with your gift of the CD to her. I told her it was no accident that the two of you had sat together and she agreed. You made quite an impact on her and she really appreciated your prayer. I asked her if she cared if I wrote to you so she gave me your address. Thanks for being there that day for Mary. I would like to hear from you if you could. Sincerely,"

Elizabeth (Georgia, USA)


Thank you so much for the e-mail! The perfect timing of the Holy Spirit humbles me. The date of your letter indicated God prompted you to pray at the precise time that I needed it, praise God! Thank you so much for your faithfulness in holding us up before the throne. Without going into all the details I'll say that I just do not want to make a mistake, know what I mean? Take care and God bless you Carole!"

Cody (Montana, USA)

"Dear Carole,

There are many new things happening in my life, some good, some trials, but I am a much different person these days and my acceptance level is finally at a place that allows more peace in my life. I have shared your letter on forgiving with many people that are struggling with a spirit of despair from hurts in their lives. It has changed my life. I feel like I live in a whole new realm, the concept of forgiving at the level Jesus forgave us demands a change in the way I look at everything. I have been able to learn and grow anew because of that truth. THANK YOU! Love you!"

Marcy (Oregon, USA)

"Dear Carole,

Thank you so much for your concern for us, Thank you for the teaching you just sent. I receive everything you say. It helps to sustain me through this terrible time. Sometimes I am tempted to question God and give up, but I remember what you have said and I keep holding on. I try to be thankful for the healing that has already taken place in my daughter to not to concentrate on the present disturbances. They are so awfully real and I have to manage with them. I can only keep on having faith that someday God will restore her to health. Thank you so much for your testimony. I knew have struggled but I never imagined how difficult it has been for you. I trust what you tell me because I know it is true, but I have needed someone to hold my hand, so to speak. You have been a great blessing to me. I hope I too will be able to help others. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and the deep things of your heart. Much love and God's blessings,"

Lynette (United Kingdom)

"Thanks for being my friend! I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the wonderful words of encouragement and love you send to me! I really hope we get to meet someday! God has used you in my life in so many ways!"

Layne (USA)

"Thanks Carole! Thank you for being there when I was hurting! Thank you for your love and prayers when I badly needed a voice to pray with me. Have a wonderful holiday and thank you so much again! God bless!"

Goh Yi-Lynn (Asia)

"Dear Carole,

I am a prison inmate of ____. A friend shared a few of your newsletters with me. Those letters really blessed me! I'm writing to you to thank you for being faithful to the calling that God has put on your life. By your faithfulness, you have had an affect on my life! Your message on forgiveness hit home in a big way! Thank God! We must obey Him in every area. We cannot hold onto pain and expect the flow to not be impeded. It will in turn, touch someone else's life. Praise God! I pray that God will richly bless you and prosper you as you are a blessing to others. May God continue to use you mightily in reaching and in ministering to people. Because of Him,"

F.J.L. (USA)

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