The Bail-out Help of God

Across the globe today the news media tells story after story of the terrible troubles that governments and the societies of people that those governments represent are experiencing. Think of it–all the wisdom and talents of the brightest men and women that have ever lived–and its come to this. There is international financial failure and ruin. Doom is predicted worse for the near future than what the world is experiencing today.In the United States today, the news headlines warned of a new wave of home foreclosures. The stock market went down drastically again. The head governing official over the finances of the government warned Congress of an out-of-control deficit. General Motors, the seeming rock-solid auto manufacturer, filed bankruptcy. What is the world coming to?

Obviously man has failed to handle the responsibility of governing and managing the nations. At a time in history when we really should have mastered ruling nations, the nations are at a historic low. People are confused, bewildered, desperate, and feeling extremely vulnerable. The ones they have looked to and have been counting on to take care of them, are just as confused and desperate for answers.

From the greatest finance managers to the highest paid CEO's with experience and supposed talent for managing skills, all are being exposed for what they are. Mere men. Men who are more apt to be corrupt and self-serving then men who are working for the greater good of humanity. Here in the United States, our forefathers made a covenant with God. They agreed to serve Him alone in exchange for His divine guidance and help. It was an excellent business plan and this government served the people successfully.

But people, like the Israelites of old, wanted to be independent of God. They left behind the plan of God and of their ancestors, to follow after other gods. Men who were once elected to office to serve the people now made their positions lucrative careers to fatten their own pockets and exalt their own names. Church leaders took a backseat to the affairs of the nation with the deceptive doctrine of "separation of church and state." Prayers asking God to intervene took the place of God's instructions to rule and reign with Jesus.

The people of God are ultimately to blame for the sad state of world affairs today. Rather than moving higher and becoming greater examples of God's Kingdom citizens, they meekly went along with the sway of the tendency of the evil one, erroneously believing that we could 'love' the trouble makers into changes. God gave us the right and authority to rule in the affairs of our world. Yet just as Adam turned control of the world over to Satan, the Church of God has followed down this same path to destruction.

Jesus has delivered the Kingdom of God to the people of God. He overcame the devil and all his agents. He conquered sin once and for all. He gave us the instructions–the mandate. "Occupy until I come". With the accomplishment of Jesus to the plan of God, He expected us to rule and reign. He expected us to turn the earth around once He delivered it from the curse. Jesus told us to wipe out–to enforce what He had done–every trace of the curse. Poverty, sickness, premature death, deception, and so forth. All were all overcome by His blood.

So the whole of creation continues to wait for us to 'get our act together'. All of creation is moaning as they cry out for help. God points His finger to us–His people–the Church of Jesus. We are the problem solvers! We are the world overcomers! We are the most powerful institution there has ever been and ever will be. We are not to take a back seat. We are not to be submissive and passive. We are to get our own lives in order so that we can rise up and solve the world's problems!

If we can get a grip on our own lives and stop waiting for someone else to bail us out, we will see the magnification of the grace and mercy of God that has made us winners. We will take our winning ways and move into the systems of this world with supernatural insight and understanding. We will operate in the anointing of the mind of Christ to give solutions and answers to every sort of difficulty. We are not waiting for another Messiah to come. We are not waiting for another Savior to come. Our help comes from the Lord! He has come–He has redeemed us–He has set us on high with Him in our new position of power and authority.

People, there is no help that is yet to show up! We should not be counted with the masses of people who are crying, groaning, and waiting for something to happen! God's Spirit is already poured out on us! We just need to believe it and start operating in it. We have everything we need, by the help of the magnificent Holy Spirit Who lives inside of us. By following the leadership of the Spirit of God, we are called the "sons of God". Sons of God are able to do whatever it takes–because we don't operate in the limits of man–we operate in the abundance of Christ.

With God on our side, with the mind of Christ in operation within us–the very thoughts, feelings, and purposes of God–we are fully equipped to resolve any problem. We can of our own selves do nothing. But thank God–we are no longer our own so there is not any need to be concerned of failing! We are filled with the Spirit of God–the One Who has bailed us out of the kingdom of darkness and translated us into the kingdom of the Son of His Love. We have been bailed out! We have been saved! We have been helped!

Now we must take what God has done in us and for us, to rise up in Kingdom dominion. We must take the position as one who can impact this world. We must get our own lives in divine order with God so that we are unencumbered to do the greater works of solving the worlds' problems. "In this world, you will have troubles; but take heart! For I have overcome the world." (I have deprived the world of its ability to overcome you, says Jesus).

For too long the Church has assumed the posture of the world and taken the same outlook on the worlds' problems, by continuing to cry out to God for help. As surely as God led His people out of the oppression of Egypt, He has led us out of the dominion of darkness. Once out, we do not cry out for deliverance from Egypt or from darkness any longer. We walk in the Light–we move forward–we follow Him. We believe what He has done for us and we live our lives in the reality of that truth.

One of my main points of teaching is to teach the separation of the old covenant from the new covenant. One was a type and shadow–but not to be followed. Prayers that those of the old covenant prayed, are not usually the prayers of faith–belief–that we as partakers of this new covenant live by. We cannot keep praying and asking God to send us help that He has already provided. To do so, is to doubt the integrity of His Word and to doubt the powerful benefit of His sending Jesus to save us.

We are not of this world just like Jesus is not of this world. We are citizens of heaven–a government that has no financial problems, no corruption, no war or unrest. The Kingdom of God has been given to us for us to operate out of it, while representing God here on the earth as His Ambassadors. We are to take possession–to dominate–and to advance the Kingdom of God. From governments to businesses. From schools to churches. From individuals to families. There is no part of the world that we are not supposed to influence and take over.

Nothing should be allowed on this planet that is not ordained of God. That is how much power and authority has been given to us. "Whatever we bind, is bound. Whatever we loose, is loosed." We are the ones doing the work. Not God. It is His Spirit working in us and through us, but only as we move by the unction of His leading. God needs us do complete the work that Jesus started.

Our hope is in Him alone. And His hope is in us alone. God is not apt to change a world leader by our prayers. God is looking for us to rise up and to take the place of the world leader–through counsel, position, or as chief advisor. The people of God should never look to a man–no matter how charismatic or charming he is–to do what God has called us, His children, to be doing.

We have what it takes! We do not lack for any good thing! But we cannot get the finances of this world taken care of until we have our own finances in divine order. We cannot assist in the ruling of nations if our own children are allowed to go their own way and do their own thing. We must rule and govern our own households well. We must implement the blessing of God in our personal lives for us to be in a position to bring the needed changes to the world's societies. We are the people of God. We are the ones that the world moans and groans to see manifested. We are not to be waiting for someone else to come onto the scene. We are not to be waiting for God to do something or to send something new.

We simply must honor God by following the teaching of His Word and the leadership of His Holy Spirit. We must believe that He will do what He has said He will do under the terms of this new covenant. We must believe that we can do what He has said we can do, under the conditions of our covenant with Him. Whenever it is that we decide we've had enough waiting around and begging God to bring changes to, then is the time that we are in a position for God to use us mightily.

Don't act rashly or presumptuously. You must know how to hear from God clearly, with your faith walk mature. Your steps must be tested and tried as followers of His Spirit. You must get your own house in order before you try to help anyone else. Be faithful in the little thing of the ruling of your own life and you will be promoted to the ruling of the nations. If you're still hung up on things like lying, cheating, wasting time, and other character weaknesses, you are not mature enough to handle the ruling of nations. But it's easy to shake off the works of darkness and to be true followers of Jesus by walking daily in the Light of His leading.

It's time for the Church of God to wake up! To shake off the slumber! To stretch and to be revived. To be a Church of action! Of might! Of power! There is absolutely nothing that is impossible for us. There is absolutely no power that is equal to ours. There is nothing that can stop this mighty power of God except for the limits we impose on ourselves, through ignorance of God's Word and His ways.

Arise and shine! Go forth in the valor of the mighty men of God. Move in Him. Rule in Him. Reign in Him. Life has never presented you with a greater opportunity for signs, wonders, and miracles to be following after you. The world has never been in a more desperate and needy position than it is now. They are crying out for and waiting to receive the Good News of the Gospel: That the grace of God is available to bail them out of all sorrow, trouble, confusion, fear, and so forth. With the Light of God radiating from your world-overcoming faith, you will draw all men to God. Leaders–entire cities–entire schools–communities–even nations.

"Christ in you, the hope of Glory." Let the possession of what has been given to you rise up and take dominion in your own life. Allow God to magnify Himself in the affairs of your life as you submit to and follow Him. Then look–taste and see–what the Lord will do in and through your life to this crying, dying world. "You can do all things through the strength of Christ Who empowers you with His strength."

I thank you so much for your continued prayers and for your support of Love Gifts Ministries International. We pray for you daily. We thank God at every remembrance of you. We praise God that the law of the Spirit that is in Christ Jesus, has set you free, from the law of sin and death!

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