Life Changing Power

"Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto me." As I sit to write this, on the eve of Yom Kipper, my spirit is on fire and consequently, my thoughts and feelings are corresponding! I know that our God reigns and that He is showing Himself strong to all those that put their trust in Him. I believe with all my heart that we are in a day when we will SUDDENLY see great changes, life impacting changes, happening in the world all around us. It is my prayer and desire that each of you experiences a move of God suddenly in every area of your lives where you are troubled. God loves each one of us so much and He delights in giving us the desires of our heart. When our desires are to please Him and to bless others, He absolutely will move any mountain that would try to stand in the way of our being blessed. God is moving and He will move in your life as you yield that authority over to Him.

The Lord has led me to teach this month on the life changing power of our Words. I want to establish from God's Word what He has to say, not a theory of man. In the beginning, God SPOKE words to call this world into existence. The Holy Spirit hovered waiting for an assignment. God did not 'think' the world into being, but He opened His mouth and declared what it was that He wanted. The words that we speak form our world. We form our future by the words that come out of our mouth. The Bible teaches us that "life and death are in the power of the tongue". We have read and heard this, but have we believed it? I know that we are in a time when we will see the tremendous, instant power of the words we speak. Just as a rudder turns the ship whichever way it should go, so too our words turn our lives in the direction of blessings or the direction of curses. "Chose you this day who you will serve. Chose God; chose blessings; chose life". "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh." "Wherever your heart is, there too is your treasure." Each of us needs to make the conscious choice every day to establish that day in the truth. "I chose LIFE! I chose God! I chose blessings!" David the Shepherd wrote "set a guard before my mouth Lord, that would keep my tongue from speaking evil and my lips from talking guile." Taming the tongue is impossible in and of our own strength. It is much like the familiar New Years Eve resolutions . we want to change, we hope to change, but our own discipline alone cannot change the way we speak. We need the help of the Lord!

The Word says that when we SPEAK to the mountain, it has to move. Jesus said this. The mountain might not visibly move overnight - it rarely does because most mountains are the results of years of building it, with our own mouths. Most of the troubles in our lives are a direct result of the words that have come out of our mouths. Most of us do not yet have a revelation of our authority over mountains. But each time we speak to that mountain, using "it is written." or "thus saith the Lord." or "in the Name of Jesus.", these words are taking a huge steam shovel full of that mountain and throwing it into a deep hole. We keep speaking and the mountain is teetering. It is barely able to stand there without crumbling, because our God ordained words have been steadily digging away at its foundation. The foundation has been destroyed and no mountain can stand without solid footing. We put pressure on the circumstances, the mountain - when we speak faith filled words. Most of us give up trying to get the mountain to move because we lose patience, we lose hope and we lose faith in God's Word. We start looking at our human weaknesses, we start making excuses and we start reasoning out why it must be God's will for that mountain to still be in our lives. Surely God is using that mountain to teach us something. Surely the mountain must be His tool. No! Just when that mountain is barely standing, just when it is getting ready to collapse, to tumble down and to get out of our way, we give up and leave that teetering mountain alone. Only that mountain does not stay in that condition. We literally start reinforcing the strength of the mountain by feeding it with words of our mouth all over again. I am confident that when we see things clearly someday, we will be shocked and ashamed at how close most of the mountains of opposition were to falling.

As we Words of life and Words of God, we are speaking life and power into our future. We are building foundations for our lives that are rock solid. When the storms of life come, as they always will, our mountain that is established on the Chief Cornerstone of Jesus will not be shaken nor will it fall. We establish our worlds the same way that God did. Just as Jesus did when He came to establish the spiritual world of His church. The Words of God are alive and full of power and sharper than any two edged sword. Because we are formed in the image of God and because we have the greater One living on the inside of us, our words carry tremendous power and life. There are no words that carry no power. This is why the Bible warns us that we will be judged for every idle word. These warnings in the scriptures are not to be taken lightly nor is it an option we chose as to whether or not our words form our worlds.

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