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“Be still My daughter and hear from Me. Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him from each and every affliction until they are all gone! In this world you will have trouble, but take heart, for I have overcome the world! This is the victory that has overcome the world – your faith! Do you believe that My gift of faith to you is indeed sufficient to overcome all the afflictions and the troubles, not only for you but even for those whom you guard and keep?

This week the earth shifted. (Massive Asian earthquake and Tsunami) The earth did indeed quake. (The 9.0 earthquake changed the earth’s rotation) What has come to pass is as I foretold. Open your ears to hear what the Spirit of God has to say to My Church.

As a woman labors in pain and great travail to bring birth, so too has this earth long labored for the fruit of righteousness to spring forth. What My people are experiencing all over this world as they labor for the fruit of righteousness to spring forth. They are discontent, grieving, laboring and weary in the constant struggle against wickedness and corruption. From without and from within the conflicts have grown and the pressures have mounted. My people have cried out to Me and their cries have been heard. So I AM letting a great shift come about in the spirit realm that will release My people to partake of My glory through an act of My mercy and My grace. A cause-matic wave of righteousness shall flow from deep within My Church. And it shall flow to every nation with tsunamic force to devastate the works of darkness; to annihilate the works of mans’ religion. Truth and light will spring forth – relief and aid to all who are caught in its path. But there will not be heard cries of mothers crying for their children for in this mighty flow of My Spirit, whole and complete families will be brought in. My glory shall cover the isles of the sea and My glory shall cover the nations of this earth, even as the waters cover the sea. The waters – the waters – the waters. Waters to cleanse, waters to purify, waters to dissolve. Water to drown man’s very soul. Waters to quench the dry and thirsty lands.

And you shall go to the nations and tell them My Words. You shall teach from the islands and from the coastlands of the nations. Coastlands are important to Me. They mark the boundaries of the sand and sea. Supernatural power controls the waves. I will establish boundaries of My glory. Coastlands will be covered by My glory. The rich and the poor will see it together. Yes, I have heard the cries of My people and I have pity on them. Therefore I will come to abundantly supply for them so they will be satisfied. And they shall declare “surely the Lord our God has done this and it is marvelous in our sight!”

For the time has come for My glory. Release it. For I shake the earth to interrupt the plans of man. I shake the earth to disrupt their evil ways. Do not fear My people, do not fear. The glory of the Lord is risen upon you – as a great height of waves, to come suddenly in the thrusting forth of My great power upon your lives.

Yes Lord! Let it be according to Your Word. Release the resources to me Lord – that I may go– yes even the millions that are needed to help Your people. To me, my children, our mates and to these people that You have given to me out of this world. Flood us Lord! Knock us off our own paths – hit us with the waves and waves of Your glory. As we flow outward then those waves will also flow here to the Bitterroot Valley. The shift will draw the waters back to here. A huge pull – a force so great none will have the power to fight and resist. Quick act of grace. Come Holy Spirit – pour out on us!

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