Biggest Hindrances to Answered Prayers

This is a grievous problem in the lives of Christians around the world. In this issue God is challenging us to explore some deep rooted issues here, not with theology but down to earth exposures of the real reason why we don't see more victorious and triumphant answers to our prayers. The biggest hindrance to our receiving God's answers to the prayers we pray is doubt. That's not all that profound is it? But for many believers, that doubt may be deeply hidden in their heart, and though it's not hidden from God, it will mislead that one to believe that the prayer was prayed in faith.Prayers based on wishing and hoping are not prayers of faith. In order to use faith, one must start with hope but as the hope is allowed to grow into expectation, true faith is employed and sets to work to bring the answer to the problem.We receive many teachings about faith, but what about doubt? If this is the hindrance then we need to identify it and discard it from our thoughts and thus our prayers.

Doubt does not believe that what you've been told is true.Or, that what you've been shown is real.Doubt is a thought process. And that thought comes from our minds, our heart. That thought is arrived at by the conclusion of past information, lack of information, life experiences or even just a 'gut feeling'.Doubt is not necessarily bad. It's good to doubt what one hears from the media, for example. Or what a politician may claim while campaigning. But doubt about God and about His desire and ability to be what you need, to do what you need, reveals a heart that is in critical condition.Thoughts or judgments about God reveal the true heart of a man. A doubt in regards to God answering our prayers reveals a broken heart or a broken way of thinking.

Doubt results from past experiences that have left us with the conclusion that we are in a vulnerable and scary place.Our heart considers the past and asks the question of doubt … "where was God the last time I needed Him?" So many, many unanswered prayers result from the silent judgment against God that screams in our memories … God failed me.When we face a problem with feelings flooding our hearts that we are unprotected, that evil triumphs and other negative thoughts that reflect unbelief, we cannot go to God boldly trusting in His grace and positioning ourselves to receive His grace. Conclusions that faith doesn't work will always sabotage any prayer attempt.

Doubt is a result that simply put, means we don't grasp God's Word, the scriptures and the promises, as ABSOLUTE truths. For example, let's honestly appraise our beliefs when it comes to the scripture "no weapon formed against you shall prosper …" Now, do you believe that is an absolute truth? Or do you want to believe it but know there have been plenty of weapons from your past that have indeed, prospered?Can you remember times when weapons formed against you hurt you badly … and continue to hurt you today? Can you remember when you got stabbed with disappointment, loss or heartache and have really never recovered from the prosperity of that wound? When a weapon is formed against us it brings disappointment in God, hope deferred, suffering for long periods of time, depression, anxiety, worry, strife, hard pressures, and losses and going backwards. If you have experienced any of these (we all have!) and they are still negatively affecting your life's circumstances or situations today, then that weapon prospered whether you like or not, whether you admit it or not.

Not only do most people live their lives as victims from the wounds themselves, but the problem deeply affects our faith. When we are wounded by and become the victim of that weapon, then the injury itself speaks louder to us than God's Word that clearly states as truth "no weapon formed against you shall prosper."Either your memory is a lie or God's Word is a lie. You cannot have both wounds and no wounds.

God's promise to us is "if you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land". The Word promises us that "God is on the side of the righteous but is against the evil doers of unrighteousness."So we take our positions in life. We read the nice words of God's promise book and don't really believe them. We want desperately to believe that our lives could be this protected, but deep down reality shouts to us that our lives in this real world are going to experience hurt after hurt after hurt. Therefore, when we pray, we never know if this situation that we pray about is going to turn out for our good or for our hurt.We pray the desired outcome which is "and they all lived happily ever after" but we know it's just wishing and hoping rather than any KNOWING that God is working it out for our good and that it all turns out great!

How do we rid our hearts from these doubtful thoughts that flood from our memories?Only through contact with the anointing that destroys these yokes of bondage. By letting the Holy Spirit of God minister healing to you, doing the work that is impossible for you to achieve in and of your own strength. Confessing the sin of doubt is first. Admit you've got doubt and that you need His forgiveness. By faith believe that He has forgiven you. The Holy Spirit will help you by taking hold together with you against this infirmity – this weak area infected by doubts that have resulted from the weapons which have wounded you. As you make the choice to release the wounds and sins of yourself and others, allowing your mind to be renewed by the words that God is speaking in these situations, choosing to speak in agreement to what God saysrather than what you are used to saying or thinking. Remember, faith is on your lips AND in your heart. If you will only say what God says, like Jesus disciplined Himself to do, you will be agreeing with Him rather than your injury. And the more truths you receive, the more healed those old wounds will become until they will all disappear and with their disappearance, the doubts that have spoken so loud in opposition to God's truth.

The Apostle Paul wrote "forgetting those things which are behind, I press on to obtain the prize …" Let this be your position now. Release the hurts. Forgive yourself and others and allow God to cause your emotions and thoughts to forget the lies that those weapons formed against you are continuing to hurt you. Receive His bountiful mercy and loving kindness that makes it easy to be changed into His image.Jesus never doubted anything that God said. That must be our position to live victoriously today. We never doubt a single thing that God has said. "God is not a man that He should lie."No matter what, He has not lied to you. He has never left you. He has never let you down.Believe the truth and the knowledge of that truth will set you free! He who has been set free is free indeed!

You see, the power of God is so much greater than anything from your past. It really doesn't matter if in the past you have ever had a visible answer to prayer or not. Today can be the start of a glorious walk that pleases God. Coming to God with faith that HE IS and that HE IS a rewarder to them that diligently seek Him. If you come to God, allowing His Spirit to release the healing power of His anointing, you will experience the hurts of your past completely disappearing. The memories may not disappear, but the hurt from those memories will be gone for good! Faith becomes sight and the truth that God spoke to you when He declared "no weapon formed against you shall prosper!" is evident.God divinely goes back and restores the place where we got disappointed or hurt or suffered lost. It's a miracle that cannot be explained in terms of natural events.He removes the injury as we make the choice to believe His promise that no weapon from our past has ever prospered and that no weapon ever formed against us ever will prosper! It's all about whether or not we believe ALL scripture promises to be absolute truth or not.Either your past is truth or God is truth. I choose God. I choose blessings. I choose life.Choose you this day who you will serve. Truth or doubt? You cannot have both and expect to ever have your prayers answered. But when you are living in the absolute truth that everything God says is truth, no matter how contrary to your senses and thoughts it seems, then you are living in the secret place of your most High God, where you are sheltered and where His angels keep you from getting hurt. The faith and good judgment of God must come before you will actually experience the truths poured out tangibly into your life.

These are glorious times that we are living in. Perilous times and times when the world around us is seemingly falling apart. But when we live by the Spirit of God, as citizens of heaven, partaking of His glory and His best, we are changed into His image and that is a lifestyle that attracts the attention of the world. They will know we are Christians because they are watching us, listening to us and judging our commitment to obey Him.We need our prayers to be answered. God desires that every prayer is answered with His highest and His best. It is His heart of love for you, His compassion and because He has pity on you, that He exposes the root of the problem so that it can be swiftly and completely dealt with to bring glory and honor to Him.

May you take these words to heart and meditate on them, searching the scriptures to judge the truths herein, allowing the Holy Spirit to work truth in you, to the renewing of your mind. Find rest for your soul. Have a light and easy week as you accomplish great things for His Kingdom!

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