Overcoming Trouble

In 1988, the Spirit of the Lord came to me saying, "I have called you to minister to My ministers. You will write by the unction of My Spirit and say only those things, which I give you to say; you will write without revision for the Words I give to you are perfect. They will be water to quench the thirsty; they will be strength to those grown weary. They will cause the parched land to spring forth with produce bringing forth My great harvest."

Around the world Pastors and Christian leaders contact me, wanting confirmation and consolation. They are looking for assurances that their labors are not in vain. Many times these mighty men and women of God are seemingly alone and see little progress as they follow the Lord. God has spoken in and through me bringing Words of Life, hope and courage to the faint. Often times these precious warriors in God's army are without a teacher, a leader, a parent figure to give them words of wisdom and comfort. (Thess. 2:3-8) It is to these that this teaching gift is intended. (John 17:7) Gifts of God's love to you, because He does love you, you are important and He cares for you tenderly. Joel chapter two says "The Lord takes pity on His people and will defend the honor of His land. He will send an abundance of all you need to satisfy you. And you shall say 'the Lord has done a mighty miracle for us!"  "and this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgment." (Philippians 1:9)

The Lord hears the cries of your heart. He sees your hard work. He knows that you have sacrificed everything to serve Him and to love His people. God knows that you love Him and He knows what you need. More than anything . more than money, more than supplies, more than staff, God wants to meet your need for knowledge. For without knowledge, you will perish.  (Hosea 4:6) I am not talking about head knowledge that comes from seminary or from studying Greek and Hebrew, for example. This knowledge is that which comes by the Spirit of God, Who has been sent to lead and guide you into all truth. (John 16:13) Complete and full truth. This knowledge comes by study of God's precious Word, the bible. This knowledge points only to Gods tremendous faithfulness and goodness. Knowledge of His love. "How great is the love the Father has lavished on us. That we should be called the children of God and that is what we are." (I John 3:1)

These are words of eternal life. (John 17:3) For when you truly understand the love of God for you, and the involvement of God in your life and ministry, then and only then will you be invincible and successful. Only then will you truly see every need met. Living the abundant life that Jesus has provided and desires for you. A life that is light and a life that is easy.

Light and easy as Jesus promises does not mean that you will not suffer trouble. (John 16:33) Persecution for the Words sake will always come. Whenever you hear the Word of God, in your personal devotions, in a meeting, by the Spirit, satan will always come immediately to destroy the power of the Word. (Matt. 13:18-23)  So too, the troubles that confront each of us . people. People who are used by the enemy to distract, deceive, steal, kill and destroy our faith. (John 10:10) For many of you, trouble lies in the surroundings of your country. Poverty, illiteracy, government corruption, etc. abound. Yet, in and through these afflictions of the righteous, the Lord delivers you out of them all. (Ps 34:19) You can live a life of light and easy in the midst of conflict. (Philippians 4:12.13) You must live a life of light and easy to maintain the Kingdom of God that is within you. Living a life that is light and easy when you are thrown into prison; when you are misunderstood; when you are not appreciated. Light and easy when you don't have the funds to do the work that God put on your heart to do. Light and easy when you do not see the resources to effectively help those that God has given to you.

The reason for this teaching ~ this call for you to come higher into the blessings that God has provided for you, by the cross and the shed blood of our Jesus, is first of all because He loves you and cares about you and wants to minister to you. The second reason why God wishes you to find this place of refuge from the storms of life, is to help you minister more effectively to the people you are called to help.  For when you receive your freedom from burdens and cares, you lead the way to set your people free.

Our past efforts and prayers have all been in vain when we have fought in and of our own strength. Everything that we have done in His Name, when accompanied by strife, worries, fears, doubts and unbelief have all been in vain. It is time for the people of God to arise. It is time for the leaders of this mighty army to pick up their own weapons and get themselves into shape, to effectively lead the people in victory. (Joel 2:5) It is time . the Lord requires nothing more of you but to believe in His great love for you. This love that desires to make your own life whole, spiritually, mentally, physically, socially and financially. For when you truly believe in His love for you, your burden will be on Him and His yoke alone will be upon you. His way is light and easy and you will find rest unto your souls. (Matthew 11:29,30)

God wants and needs us to minister to Him and to His people with joy. (Colossians 1:11) With rejoicing. With peace. With rest. With confidence. Assurances that no matter what we face, no matter who opposes us, no matter what conditions are around us, we can rest in His love, His power and His desire to answer, help and meet all our needs.

May you take these words to heart and meditate upon them, allowing the Holy Spirit to work them in you, to the renewing of your mind. Rest for your soul. Have a light and easy week as you accomplish great things for His Kingdom!

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